Jeff Tomasulo

Jeff Tomasulo, Founder

Jeff Tomasulo is a trader with nearly 25 years of experience in a variety of asset classes including equities, futures, commodities, treasuries, and currencies. With over two decades of real-world experience on Wall Street, Jeff uses options in all asset classes to produce income for his clients tactically. Jeff’s view on risk management and the use of probability and statistical analysis has allowed him to help a range of investors achieve financial success.

" In an uncertain world, one of the only things we can control is risk. Looking at the world through a risk-reward lens has allowed me to successfully apply my strategies across global markets and different asset classes "

Currently, Jeff is the CEO and head portfolio manager of the global asset management firm, Vespula Capital Management. He is also the co-founder of

Jeff’s focus on risk management has been proven to be his secret to success for making money in the markets.  He appears regularly on financial media outlets such as CNBC, Reuters, FOX News and Cheddar TV.

Jeff Tomasulo