About Us

Jeff Tomasulo

You don’t have to be rich to succeed with your money! No matter your background, where you’re from, or how old you are, you deserve the very best education on handling your financial future. We believe everyone can make the most of their money and set themselves and their families up for generations of freedom. So don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to trade with an edge!

After over two decades on Wall Street, Jeff fully understands the highs of winning and the power of learning from failure. His unique journey as a trader led him from becoming a multi-millionaire in his 20s to losing everything in his 30s. This was not an easy one to explain to his wife and young kids. Yet, through the trials and triumphs, he has gained a sincere appreciation for what it takes to build substantial wealth. Now that he’s learned the hard way, he’s making sure everyone who wants to learn and grow can and will be celebrating their big wins very soon!

Jeff’s specialties range from equities to futures, commodities, treasuries, and currencies. He bases his one-of-a-kind approach on assessing risk management and using probability and statistical analysis to gain an edge and stay secure. It may seem intimidating at first, but Jeff has experience sharing his wealth of knowledge in a way that people can truly grasp. As a result, his insights are featured on numerous media outlets, including CNBC, Reuters, FOX News, and Cheddar TV. In addition to leading Tactical Income, Jeff is also CEO and Head Portfolio Manager of the global asset management firm Vespula Capital Management.

Tactical Income is led by Founder and world-renowned expert in investing, Jeff Tomasulo.