Jeff Tomasulo is sought after for advice worldwide. He regularly appears
on financial networks including CNBC, Reuters, Cheddar TV, Bloomberg,
and others.

Hello! My name is Jeff Tomasulo and welcome to the Tactical Income channel.

Tactical Income was created to educate viewers on how to make money in the stock market with an EDGE, whether the market goes up, down or sideways. I want to teach you how to become the casino, “The House”. We constantly tell our subscribers at to “BE THE HOUSE!” What does that mean? We show and teach you how to use strategies and tools that are proven by math, that give you a statistical edge in the stock market, futures market and currencies market, using options. Stop relying on your gut, or fundamental and technical analysis. BE THE HOUSE, put the odds in your favor just like a Casino! And watch how you become a consistent money maker.

In a no non-sense way, I will be sharing trade set ups every morning, educational videos, and most importantly, I will be sharing the knowledge that I have learned from trading and investing over 24 years.

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Vespula Capital CEO Jeff Tomasulo said he picked up shares of badly beaten companies like Tesla and Boeing amid Monday’s sell-off.

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‘For the smaller investors and retail investors I think it’s a win,’ Vespula Capital’s Jeff Tomasulo tells Reuters, as the first U.S. futures-based bitcoin ETF begins trading