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The Tactical Income Premium Membership delivers professional grade
options trading software, training, coaching, trade alerts & watch lists. 
Makes options trading easier, predictable & more enjoyable
than you ever thought possible

Get an early jump on the markets and opportunities for the coming week. Jeff Tomasulo posts new trade ideas to your member portal each Sunday evening. Each trade includes annotated charts with a detailed review of the setup.

Your Sunday watch list helps you define the full scope of a trade, but it also helps you stay focused, set goals and asses potential so that you always allocate money to the right ideas. When the markets open on Monday, you'll be relaxed with a full set of easy to follow objectives.

Get Jeff's trades in real-time and trade management updates sent by text message. Detailed instructions for opening new trades and closing existing profitable positions. Lock in winners and move fast on new opening orders.

You'll never be left wondering when it's the ideal time to take action. Stay one step ahead of other traders and take action to get the best fills for your trades.  

VOL-METER Software:
Jeff's proprietary algorithm that combines technical indicators, and a unique mathematical formula that generates a "Vol-Meter Score." The Vol-Meter Score identifies the stocks, options and futures that give us the highest probability of profit at an increased payout.

The Vol-Meter Score reduces the limitless trade possibilities down the to the few that give you the greatest chance for predictable winners. Once the Vol-Meter determines the right situation, you simply place the order and manage the trade. Get instant access, type in your stocks and get the Vol-Meter Score.

Weekly Coaching Calls  ($3,587/annual value)

Weekly coaching calls are currently scheduled for Thursday afternoons at 1 PM EDT. Come to the meeting prepared with questions to get maximum value out of the coaching. Each call typically runs 45 minutes. Start time subject to change.

Coaching Call Archive:
New training sessions loaded into your member portal for easy access. Study on your time! Improve your skills with current market conditions.

Tactical Income Proprietary Trading Suite ($947/annual value)

Includes all of the following features: 
Charting | Trade Journal | Proprietary Scans | Cutting-Edge Research | Community Trade Sharing | Broker Flexibility | Options Trade Templates & Back-Testing | Heatmaps | Tile View Watchlists | Customizable Home Screens | Benzinga News | Mobile App

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Chantal M.

I am loving being a part of Tactical Income. I look forward to the Sunday watch lists every week and find myself checking them often. Your teaching style is fantastic as you give advice, but make us work for it so we learn as we go along.

Your trade Alerts have been spot on and I have made money off most of them. My favorites of late have been the Gold stocks, Silver and Bitcoin

By far the most valuable entity of Tactical Income is the Thursday Coaching Calls. They are raw and insightful and I find them so helpful to give me that push i need to get out of losing trades I would otherwise hold on to. Highlight of my week.

Brian S.

I signed up a week ago and after listening to my first Coaching Call and hearing you had a large Silver position in your fund...I got long the SLV.

Three days later I sold it for a 19k profit!!

Thank you!

Patrick M.

Subscribing to Tactical Income has changed the way I view markets and drastically increased my profits! 

Since subscribing, I've been profitable on my last 11 trades making an average profit of $1,437 per trade! I had that "aha" moment learning your process. 

Last week, your trade alerts in GLD, SLV, AMZN, and SQ were spot on!

I cannot thank you enough, I love your service and thank you for showing me how the professional trader thinks.


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