Democrats Versus Republicans: A 2016 Tale of Two Establishments

By March 10, 2016 January 10th, 2019 No Comments

This is a fascinating article about what is still a coronation of Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side of things.

The DNC is successfully doing to Bernie Sanders’ campaign exactly what the GOP is desperately trying to do to Donald Trump’s. Simply put: they’re killing it. In fact, Sanders has done far better in the primaries than his delegate count would predict; he has just 499 delegates to Clinton’s 1,130, but even if Sanders surges and overcomes everything Debbie Wasserman Schultz throws in his way, he’s still almost certain to lose.

I’m not feeling the Bern, but the DNC is rotten. It’s effectively disenfranchising primary voters and rigging the primary.

Then there’s the GOP. Whatever anyone thinks of Trump, the fact is that a lot of his appeal comes from the very fact the GOP establishment is terrified of him (and increasingly so). Trump seems to feed off not only his own juvenile, crass comments but resistance from GOP insiders.

Trump is now saying that he won’t demand repayment of the $17 million or so that he’s loaned the campaign, which (assuming anyone believes him) means the campaign won’t need to raise money through donations and seems to confirm the establishment’s worst fears:  Trump won’t be accountable to the customary “donor class” if he’s elected. I think this is exactly what scares the GOP most about Trump and what motivated Mitt Romney and others to try to derail him. If Trump won’t take their money, what reason does he have to cater to them if he’s elected?